About us

The classic VW theme for our business was inspired by our son John. Having passed his driving test in March 2010, he put in a request for a classic VW Beetle for his 18th birthday. Being the dutiful parents……Cherub arrived and was restored in time for John’s birthday.

Hilltop classics

Cherub at a wedding

Soon the idea of increasing the fleet of VWs was born. Molly arrived first, a 1972 Baywindow campervan, closely followed by Billy (another Beetle) and Emily (another campervan). Molly, Billy and Emily are now fully restored and available for hire

Hilltop Classics blog

Breakfast in style with Molly

Although we have only moved house three times, each time the prime consideration has always been the size of the garage or the available space for cars, typically asking the estate agents for a garage with house attached rather than the other way round!!

Along with the four VWs we also own a 1969 E-Type Jaguar called Eleanor, a 1984 XJS called Jilly and the granddaddy of them all, a 1956 Rover 90 called Roland. The vehicles now form the basis of our business, Hilltop Classics.


Elegant Eleanor

For more information and pictures please click here.


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